Almost every woman is looking for shiny hair secrets. They are like treasure … and they make you look a million dollars. The world is obsessed with lustrous, long hair. Ever wondered why men are attracted towards shiny, long locks? According to psychologists, male species look out for healthy female species for procreation. Shiny tresses are indicators of health. It is a primeval instinct to get attracted towards hair that dazzles and cascades down the shoulders. So, ladies; enjoy the attention and don’t get offended when men stare at your

STI stands for Sexually Transmitted Infection. STD stands for Sexually Transmitted Disease. The terms are related; but they are different. Here’s the difference Simply put, STI is an infection that is not yet turned into a disease. STD is a disease that develops after you get an infection. For example, somebody with Human Papillomavirus (HPV) may not show symptoms, but he or she is carrying the virus. So, this person has an STI. Later, if this person develops cervical cancer due to HPV, now he or she has an STD,

Every skin tells a tale. Skin is the outer covering of the body; yet it reflects what’s happening inside the body. The right foods can make skin; the wrong ones can break skin. Similarly, applying the right foods on skin can do wonders to it. Things get better when the foods applied on skin are super. Acai berries When it comes to antioxidant content, Acai berries are ‘super hero.’ Their anti aging property counteracts the effect of free radicals in the body and helps to keep skin younger. Increase the

Slim figure, cat walk, flawless skin, fashionable clothes – things that come to the mind when talking of models. Seems tough to own them? Nope. They are easy for any lady. Determination, specific goals, and your signature style are needed to look like a model. Observe models carefully on the ramp. Each one has a unique style. That’s what makes them sizzling and desirable.  Pre-requisite #1 Create your own style. Copycats are out. Copying every bit of trend straight from the ramp would make you look desperate. Take inspiration; but

Think you are beautiful? Think you are not? In both cases, you are right! The famous adage, “beauty is skin deep,” is true. Beauty isn’t solely the outer covering of your body, aka, skin. It is also what you think about yourselves. So, the first step towards becoming beautiful is: believe you are beautiful.  The other steps Check your diet. Eat fresh foods. Cut down on junk food. Drink plenty of water, up to 10 glasses daily. Within a week you will see a difference in your skin. You may

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