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Almost every woman is looking for shiny hair secrets. They are like treasure … and they make you look a million dollars. The world is obsessed with lustrous, long hair. Ever wondered why men are attracted towards shiny, long locks? According to psychologists, male species look out for healthy female species for procreation. Shiny tresses are indicators of health. It is a primeval instinct to get attracted towards hair that dazzles and cascades down the shoulders. So, ladies; enjoy the attention and don’t get offended when men stare at your

Many of us would like to enhance the look of our locks in a bid to look glamorous and beautiful. However, it is easier said than done. These days, a large percentage of both men and women are dealing with the poor health of their hair, such as thinning hair or rampant hair loss. So, what can you do to fight back the signs of hair fall and get back healthy hair, which you can then style according to the latest trends? You can control the frizz in your tresses

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