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Skin Care

It is natural to desire flawless, glowing skin at any age. Skin is the first thing that people notice. This is also the biggest organ of the body and reflects body’s overall health. Your face reveals a thousand secrets – of the body and of the mind. You can know a person’s mood by his or her facial expression. Skin can reveal or hide your true age. It can make you look more beautiful or less attractive, depending on its condition. Skin, being the biggest organ, is also a delicate

Want to look sensuous? The first thing that comes to our mind is to show skin. You begin searching for a shorter pair of shorts, a plunging neckline dress, or a teeny-weeny outfit that exposes each curve of your body. Well, all this is fine; but this does not mean that women who do not wish to show skin cannot look sensuous. In India and, perhaps, in other countries too, there is a raging debate about how women should dress. However, this is not about how women should dress. It

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