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Love to hit the gym? You are doing a great thing to yourselves. Most of us join the gym to become fitter, to increase energy levels, or to enhance their oomph level by getting in top shape. Some even do the gym to socialize. Well, fine; but do you know that exercise increases your beauty too? Yeap! Your skin and hair are going to get a nice boost thanks to your exercising habit. Exercise gives your complexion a lovely glow Check this: Exercise for a week regularly and then look

The human body is amazing. It heals itself. Do you know the tooth is the only thing in our bodies that cannot repair itself? So, as soon as skin blemishes form, your body will try every possible way to heal them. However, healing takes time. Perhaps that’s how the famous adage, “time heals,” came into being.

However, our fast-paced lifestyle coaxes us to get instant solutions.

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