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The word “metabolism” is almost everywhere – in weight loss articles, fitness blogs, anti aging talks, and healthy eating advices. What exactly is metabolism? Once you know the basics well, it becomes easier to heed the advices and understand better what experts are talking about. Understanding metabolism According to medical science, metabolism is a sum of chemical reactions happening in a living being on a daily basis to keep the body alive. To put it simply, it is a process that converts calories into energy. There is much commotion about

The task of losing weight makes people do all sorts of things. A common thing that people do is stop eating. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Stop eating and the fat will go. Well, this is a mistake, say doctors. You cannot expect to lose weight healthily by not eating or simply being on a liquid diet. Why people tend to embrace liquids Usually, it starts like this: you indulge in binge eating and drinking on weekend. You feel guilty. So, realization dawns upon you. You take the extreme step

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