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What lays the foundation of a great body? You may think it is 70 per cent workout and 30 per cent diet, right? Wrong – it’s just the opposite! It is actually 70 per cent of what you eat and 30 per cent of how you work out. Now you realize why you haven’t been getting the desired results even after training hard at the gym for a long time. You are making certain mistakes, blunders to be precise, that hamper your progress towards fitness. Mistake #1: Not taking a

With the 3rd month of 2017 approaching the end, chances are fitness resolutions of most of you may have got lost amidst daily activities. How firmly you had resolved to work towards getting in shape this year! Ever wondered what makes you break resolutions, fitness ones especially? Weak will power? No. Lack of time? No. Before you rake your brains, here’s the answer: you create complicated fitness goals. Not a new thing for most of us. We tend to complicate most things in life. One of our detrimental desires is

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