Are You Making These Post-Workout Blunders?

What lays the foundation of a great body? You may think it is 70 per cent workout and 30 per cent diet, right? Wrong – it’s just the opposite! It is actually 70 per cent of what you eat and 30 per cent of how you work out.

Now you realize why you haven’t been getting the desired results even after training hard at the gym for a long time. You are making certain mistakes, blunders to be precise, that hamper your progress towards fitness.

Mistake #1: Not taking a balanced diet

Gulping down a protein shake after a workout is okay; but this is only a supplement. You need real protein from natural food sources. If you don’t eat solid food, you are inviting trouble for your body. Workouts with inappropriate nutrition can harm physical and mental health, say experts.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It fuels up the body. Your body is starved of food the whole night. Moreover, morning is the time when the body is ready to assimilate every micro nutrient present in food. Make sure whatever you eat in the morning is nutritious. The best breakfast comprises of fruits, smoothies, whole cereals, milk, dairy products, oats, sandwiches, protein-rich foods, and likewise.

Ensure that your morning meal consists of a portion of carbs and fats, plus protein. After a workout, muscles become like sponge. They can absorb nutrients readily. This helps them to recover and build lean mass. Working out on an empty stomach is good; but staying on an empty stomach after working out is a health disaster. 

Mistake #2: Starving yourselves after a workout

Your body needs food after a workout. You must not be too late to give it food. Take a shower and relax for a few minutes after your exercise session. Then, spring up to cook yourselves a nice breakfast. Please avoid gorging on packaged and processed foods for breakfast. Your body demands some real stuff. You must eat within 30 minutes of your workout, according to experts.

People trying to build muscle must take in adequate carbs after a workout, as glycogen stores of your muscles are exhausted after a high intensity exercise session. This is also the time when you must be careful in the choice of food. Don’t gobble up just anything that you find in the refrigerator. Eat freshly cooked, healthy meal. 

Mistake #3: You have no diet plan

Do you seriously want to gain muscle or lose fat? If yes, then you must have a diet plan, along with a workout plan. According to experts, effects of an exercise session stay on your body for 48 hours. If you do not feed your body in the right manner, your workout can do more harm than good. Instead of getting a good physique and becoming fit, you would look malnourished and become weak. 

Mistake #4: You have cut all fats from your diet

Why are people so afraid of fats? This is one of the essential components of a balanced diet. Going fat free is not the right way to lose weight or build muscle. The trick is to remove bad fats from your diet. People usually deprive their bodies of fat…and this makes them lethargic. It can even add weight, as the body brings out its defense mechanism to compensate for the lack of fat.

Research shows that fat free diet hampers body’s fat burning power. Some of the most important vitamins are fat soluble. To be precise, body needs fat to absorb these vitamins. If you don’t take fat, you may develop vitamin deficiencies.

Please avoid the above post-workout blunders and pave a path towards healthy, fit, beautiful body.

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