Many of us would like to enhance the look of our locks in a bid to look glamorous and beautiful. However, it is easier said than done. These days, a large percentage of both men and women are dealing with the poor health of their hair, such as thinning hair or rampant hair loss. So, what can you do to fight back the signs of hair fall and get back healthy hair, which you can then style according to the latest trends? You can control the frizz in your tresses

The task of losing weight makes people do all sorts of things. A common thing that people do is stop eating. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Stop eating and the fat will go. Well, this is a mistake, say doctors. You cannot expect to lose weight healthily by not eating or simply being on a liquid diet. Why people tend to embrace liquids Usually, it starts like this: you indulge in binge eating and drinking on weekend. You feel guilty. So, realization dawns upon you. You take the extreme step


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With the 3rd month of 2017 approaching the end, chances are fitness resolutions of most of you may have got lost amidst daily activities. How firmly you had resolved to work towards getting in shape this year! Ever wondered what makes you break resolutions, fitness ones especially? Weak will power? No. Lack of time? No. Before you rake your brains, here’s the answer: you create complicated fitness goals. Not a new thing for most of us. We tend to complicate most things in life. One of our detrimental desires is

Losing weight is not rocket science. Yet, people often fail to do it right. Some may take extreme measures, which harm their body, while others may quit for the lack of desired results. Instead of doing the above, it is smart to learn what exactly to do and not to do to lose extra fat in a healthy manner. If you are not losing a pound in spite of sweating out in the gym, you are probably doing it all wrong. Check out whether you are doing the following. If

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