Questions About STDs You Want To Ask But Hesitate

Can a person get STD without having sex?


You are a virgin, yet you can get an STD. Some of them happen by kissing, sharing needles, tattooing through unsterilized equipment, or skin-to-skin contact.

Many people think only a complete sexual intercourse is responsible for STDs. Wrong. Oral sex, too, can be a factor. Contact with an infected vagina, penis, or anus or even somebody’s mouth can give you a disease. Sores, secretion, and broken skin are something to watch out for. In rare cases, Chlamydia is found to infect the throat.

You can get Hepatitis A from contaminated food.

You can get Trichomoniasis, STD that spreads through Trichomonas vaginalis, through the use of unwashed sex toy or touching your genitals through unwashed hands or sharing towels, clothes, and sheets.

How does a person know he or she has STD?

They probably cannot.

Many sexually transmitted diseases show no symptoms. Those that do generally show symptoms that imitate other diseases. You think you have flu, but it could be the beginning of an HIV infection!

To make matters worse, it is possible to have multiple STDs simultaneously. This makes it tougher to diagnose.

The only way to make sure you have or don’t have STD is: get yourselves tested. 

In case a person has unprotected sex when should they get tested?

You can get tested the very next day; but, according to doctors, it may take days or weeks after sex for the virus or bacteria to multiply to a level that they get noticed in test samples. So, it is good to get retested after a month or so after sex.

What is the cure for STDs?

There is no cure for some STDs; some do have.

Hepatitis A and B, and a few strains of HPV can be prevented through vaccine if done before contracting these diseases.

According to doctors, STDs caused by bacteria can be cured, especially when treated on time. They include chlamydia, trichomoniasis, syphilis, and gonorrhea.

STDs caused by viruses are not curable so far. However, there are treatments available to control them. Such diseases include hepatitis A, B, and C, HPV, herpes simplex 1 and 2, and HIV/AIDS.

Can a fetus or a baby be infected, if its mother has STD?


Certain STDs can harm a baby while it is in the womb, while others may affect it during birth. It is good to get yourselves tested before you plan a pregnancy. In case you are found HIV positive, it would be wiser to not have a baby until your doctor gives you the nod. If you are tested positive for any STD, get yourselves treated first and then plan your pregnancy to save your future baby’s health.

How can one prevent STDs?

Never have sex!

Well, this is an impractical suggestion. However, it is smart to not have sex with somebody who has rash, genital sores, discharge, or other doubtful symptoms. Also, if you doubt a person’s sexual life, please do not have unprotected sex with them. Unprotected sex is safe only when you and your partner do it solely with each other and if you both have been tested negative for STDs since six months.

Other ways to prevent STDs:

  • Never reuse syringes.
  • During blood transfusion, make sure the blood is tested for HIV.
  • Never share razors, tattoo equipment, needles, towels, and other personal items of people, no matter how close you are.
  • Wash your hands before and after having sex.
  • Know how to use condoms correctly. They may not be 100 per cent effective in preventing STDs, yet they keep you safe to a huge extent. Prefer latex ones.
  • Got yourselves vaccinated for hepatitis B.
  • Practice monogamy as far as possible.
  • Please avoid the use of nonoxynol-9 condoms, as the latest research shows that it may irritate vagina and cervix and can raise the risk of getting STD. Earlier, it was thought that these condoms prevented STDs by killing the microbes.

In case you are HIV infected or tested positive for any STD, please be responsible enough and observe abstinence until the doctor says it’s ok to have sex. Also, avoid breastfeeding baby.

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