The Secrets to Shiny, Healthy, and Perfect Hair are out!

Almost every woman is looking for shiny hair secrets. They are like treasure … and they make you look a million dollars. The world is obsessed with lustrous, long hair. Ever wondered why men are attracted towards shiny, long locks?

According to psychologists, male species look out for healthy female species for procreation. Shiny tresses are indicators of health. It is a primeval instinct to get attracted towards hair that dazzles and cascades down the shoulders. So, ladies; enjoy the attention and don’t get offended when men stare at your locks. They can’t help their instinct!

The first step

Dull, rough, and limp hair indicates illness. Don’t let your tresses give out unhealthy signals.

Alas, frequent procedures like perming, bleaching, hot blowouts, color treatments, and others break down protein structure of hair. This snatches away the shine of hair. They look all beaten up and dull.

Of course, a poor diet and lack of sleep affect the function of follicles. Malnourished scalp can never give you healthy, glossy tresses. Healthy scalp is the first key to unlocking the secret of shiny hair.

So, as hair experts say, the first step towards getting shiny hair is cutting down on the number of salon procedures. Gradually, you will find your hair coming back to their normal, healthy selves. For color treated hair please use shampoos designed especially for such hair. Experts advise to use sulfate-free hair products.

Also, shampoos that contain keratin based substances form a keratin coat along cuticles. This seals them and smoothens texture. Once this happens, your hair automatically exudes shine. The coat also traps in moisture to keep the strands hydrated.

So, the next step is to substitute your sulfate-laden, regular shampoo with a sulfate-free, keratin based one. You will notice the difference it makes to your hair’s luster. 

Watch the water

The weather is freezing outside. Who doesn’t like a hot shower? Well, your mane doesn’t! They get all dried up and deprived of moisture due to hot water. It breaks your cuticles and gives hair a rough and damaged looking texture.

Be brave and wash hair with cold water. If you cannot do this, at least give the last rinse with cold water. It seals the cuticles and gives your tresses a lovely shine. Try it.

Don’t rub your hair!

It is a general habit of women to rub their tresses with towel to dry them. After that comes a good blow out and heavy handling. What can your hair do? They simply tolerate the torture.

Do you expect your hair to shine after this? If you do, you are expecting too much.

According to hair experts, rigorous rubbing of hair strands cracks cuticles. Don’t forget hair strands are delicate structures of protein. You must handle them like you handle some breakable object. So, after washing, simply wrap a towel around your head. Keep it for a few minutes to absorb excess water. Then open up the wrap and let your hair air dry. Can you please forget the hot blow dryer for some days?

Yet another tip from hair experts is to trim your hair regularly. This step has two benefits: it manages split ends and triggers healthy hair growth. Your hair appears even and neat.

Love your hair and they will love you back. It is as simple as that. When you put in efforts to care for your tresses, they will return the favor by giving you an attractive appearance that enhances your personality. Simply wishing for beautiful hair won’t give you anything. Actions pay, not wishes. Now that some of the shiny hair secrets are out, why not use them and see the fantastic results?

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