Want to look like a model? Follow the tips

Slim figure, cat walk, flawless skin, fashionable clothes – things that come to the mind when talking of models. Seems tough to own them? Nope. They are easy for any lady. Determination, specific goals, and your signature style are needed to look like a model.

Observe models carefully on the ramp. Each one has a unique style. That’s what makes them sizzling and desirable. 

Pre-requisite #1

Create your own style. Copycats are out. Copying every bit of trend straight from the ramp would make you look desperate. Take inspiration; but never copy ditto, advise fashion stylists. Wear what flatters your body type and makes you feel comfortable and confident. Micro mini may not be a flattering option for a pear shaped body with heavy thighs; but the same figure looks superb in an A-line skirt and fitted blouse.

Pre-requisite #2

Fitness! Being a model means you have to the role model in fit and shapely body. Never exercised before? Worry not. Start with the basics. A jog or walk in the morning and taking the stairs makes for a good start. Gradually, begin with simple limb exercises. Do some meditation. Once you develop a routine, you can advance to intensive workouts. Consult a doctor, in case you have a medical condition. A physical trainer can help you chalk out an appropriate fitness program. You will be amazed to see the difference in your energy levels, and physical and emotional health.

Pre-requisite #3

Nutritious diet is inevitable. We aren’t telling you to eat only salads; but you need to cut down on your intake of processed foods. Fresh food contributes to skin flawlessness. Drink a glass of warm water with or without lime first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Gorge on fruits. Drink up to 3 liters water. Watch your skin shine!

See, being a model is easy. Lastly, you must also behave like one – walk with confidence, talk with sophistication, and sit with a straight posture. High heels? Of course!

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